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Business Solutions

CMVAS’s portfolio of Business VoIP Solutions not only promises cost reduction, but it also frees up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on solving problems that truly matter to you.

We recognize that as a business leader, you’re often juggling responsibilities in multiple areas of your company. This could include finance, human resources, customer service, and operations. Understanding the challenges of entrepreneurship, we’ve crafted a suite of solutions designed to assist you not just with telephony management, but also to add value to various facets of your enterprise.

The cherry on top? Our solutions are designed to scale alongside your business growth.

So, how can CMVAS serve you?

In search of a switchboard solution that’s easy to deploy, offers a low barrier to entry, and comes with state-of-the-art functionality? Choose the CMVAS Hosted Switchboard.

Already have a VoIP PBX but seeking an alternative provider who promises superior service quality at a reasonable rate? Contemplate the CMVAS SIP Trunking solution.

If your business is in its growth phase and doesn’t require a switchboard solution just yet, start with a VoIP Line from CMVAS and upgrade when the timing is optimal.

Why Choose a CMVAS Business Solution:

Solutions for Large Enterprises

CMVAS’s suite of Enterprise solutions is designed to reduce costs, provide customizable features, enhance productivity, and guarantee reliability.

No enterprise is too large to ignore wasteful practices, which is why an increasing number of companies are transitioning to VoIP, as opposed to sticking with traditional analog services.

All of CMVAS’s Enterprise solutions are easily scalable. As such, you can expand capacity, roll out services to new locations, and add or remove users as needed. Plus, you have the option to retain your primary business numbers by porting them onto the CMVAS network.

We understand the critical role telephony services play in business operations. Subpar voice quality and service downtime can significantly impact an organization’s financial health. The lowest call rates won’t compensate for the inability to connect with your customers due to poor call quality or downtime.

Furthermore, we recognize that large businesses have diverse requirements. Some may need a fully managed telephony solution, while others might prefer to manage their own PBX infrastructure. Often, large enterprises require a blend of both.

If you’re seeking a fully managed switchboard solution that’s easy to implement and boasts state-of-the-art functionality, consider the CMVAS Hosted Switchboard.

If you already have a VoIP PBX, manage your telephony in-house, and are in search of a provider who offers high-quality service at a reasonable rate, a CMVAS SIP Trunk solution might be the right fit.

Become a Reseller or Wholesale Partner

As a CMVAS Reseller or Wholesale Partner, you can anticipate a competitive commission model or wholesale discounts, all while providing your customers with an affordable and reliable service.

We recognize that every Reseller or VoIP Wholesale partner is unique, and the motivations for collaborating with CMVAS can differ widely. As a result, we have designed our Wholesale and VoIP Reseller programs to cater to a broad range of needs.

We offer a robust Wholesale program for providing services to other licensed operators. As a Wholesale partner, you’ll benefit from a substantial discount structure. Due to our direct interconnects, you can also expect a top-quality service. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to white-label the CMVAS solutions.

Similarly, companies specializing in offering IT and ICT products and services are welcome to join us as Resellers of our solutions.

As a CMVAS VoIP Reseller, you can anticipate a rewarding commission structure while relying on CMVAS’s dependable solutions and exceptional service. CMVAS will also handle customer credit, assist in the sign-up process, and provide customer support, thereby reducing your workload.

The cherry on top is that both Partner models grant access to our online portal and proficient support teams.

The World Of Flexibility With Our VoIP Solutions


VoIP Solutions​
Enjoy up to 30% savings on your monthly phone bills with our services, including free in-branch calls via VoIP. We offer the flexibility to port your current number or acquire a new or vanity number like 0861 YOU BOOK, while also enabling multiple incoming numbers for streamlined business communication.


VoIP Solutions​

Say goodbye to limited phone lines and embrace customization. With our VoIP platform, access your VoIP numbers, make calls from your cell phone or desktop using your business number, and ensure your customers see your business phone number on their caller ID.


VoIP Solutions​

Get convenient, easy meeting scheduling with anyone by starting an impromptu meeting or schedule one for later— with internal and external users.

A Seamless, consistent experience from anywhere by hosting or joining a meeting from anywhere—on any browser or with the Teams app on a PC, Mac, Linux, or mobile device.


VoIP Solutions​

Gone are the days of costly, outdated enterprise phone systems. Our call center platform equips your agents with all the necessary tools to provide a killer support experience. Simplify your customer interactions and streamline your support operations with our hassle-free VoIP platform. Elevate your customer support to new heights with our cutting-edge VoIP Solutions.

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VoIP Solutions That Enable Us

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Cost Savings

Save money with WASP’s VoIP offerings. Business users wanting to move away from Telkom or other providers to more cost effective and reliable solutions or businesses requiring custom turnkey solutions, WASP is the provider of choice.

Enhanced Flexibility & Mobility

Use WASP VoIP to fit your needs, where you need it. We provide custom solutions and anywhere. This feature facilitates remote job and travel communication. Mobile integration improves efficiency.

Improved Voice Quality & Reliability

WASP provides reliable, high-quality VoIP and hardware at a competitive price.

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VoIP Solutions
  • Check agent performance with the built-in reports.

  • See longest wait time and abandoned calls.

  • Get reports on SLA and call back statistics.

  • Switchboard / wallboard for real-time monitoring of queue.


VoIP Solutions
  • Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes.

  • Train agents during a live call with Listen in and Whisper.

  • Use Barge in to take over when needed.

  • Ticket responses can be monitored centrally.


VoIP Solutions
  • Call queues to individuals or groups. Guarantee no calls are missed.

  • Agents can answer calls from anywhere – at the office or remote.

  • Call back option as overflow during busy times.

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